Large terrestrial volcanoes after the collision

Large Terrestrial Volcano Formation (after the collision)

Formation of landscapes in Izu peninsula

After the Izu Peninsula rose above the sea a number of volcanoes were formed. This process went on till about 200,000 years ago, and volcanoes that arose include the Amagi and Daruma Volcanoes.

Gentle mountainsides and plains created by these large terrestrial volcanoes remain mainly in the Nakaizu and Kitaizu areas – some of these areas are magnificent highlands used for sightseeing, dry field farming, and stock farming.










Area between Misuji-yama and Inatori in Higashiizu-cho: Hosono Plateau and Hosono Marshland created by erosion of Amagi Volcano


We can see landforms created by large terrestrial volcanoes, beautiful layers of lava flow, and beautiful joints of the rocks, which are all products of past volcanic activity.






Lava flow of Taga Volcano (south of the Nirayama mountain pass): layers of lava flow of Taga Volcano and marks of a large stratovolcano