The Living Peninsula

Izu peninsula is alive

An active monogenetic volcano field and crustal movements associated with ongoing accretion

Formed in the place of collision, the Izu Tobu Volcano Group forms one of the few active monogenetic volcano fields in Japan. These distinctive volcanoes are surrounded by steep landforms formed by erosion of large terrestrial volcanoes and present the observer an exciting landscape to explore.

Omuroyama Volcano and Jogasaki Coast of Ito city: volcanic activity of Izu Tobu Volcano Group and the marvelous landforms created by these volcanoes

Marks of the Tanna Fault, the landform of the Irozaki fault, coastal terraces and landscapes with abrasion topography are found in the eastern coast of the peninsula. These landforms narrate the tale of ongoing accretion, where Izu is slowly being absorbed more and more into Honshu. 

Irozaki Fault: Izu Peninsula is still being pushed against Honshu by plate movement