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Hashiriyu | The gift of a volcano coming from the south -Izu Peninsula Geopark-

伊豆半島ジオパーク Izu Peninsula UNESCO Global Geopark

Northern Izu


  • This tunnel type thermal spring is a rare type of hot spring in Japan. It was discovered about 1300 years ago, and was named hashiriyu (Running hot spring) due to its water spouting into the seaside from the mountain.

    A total of 837 steps upwards from Hashiriyu takes you to the Izu san Shrine.

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  • Toilets
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  • Universal access
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  • 伊豆半島ジオパークミュージアム ジオリア

  • 伊豆ジオ半島ジオパークの遊び方ガイド いずじおアクティビティ

  • GEOPARK Ciletuh Palabuhanratu

Izu Peninsula Geo Guide Association
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